Fall Meal Solutions #26…Garlic Pepper Beef Tips

I made this with Pork Stew Meat…my house smelled amazing all day…made my tummy grumble because I got hungry early…LOL!!! Mixed in cooked egg noodles…YUMMY!!

Garlic Pepper Beef Tips
12 oz. jar homestyle beef gravy
10.5 oz. can cream of mushroom soup
1 Tbsp. Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (order at http://www.SimplyKimberS.com)
1 Tbsp. Garlic Pepper Seasoning (order at http://www.SimplyKimberS.com)
1½ lbs. beef stew meat
8 oz. pkg. sliced button mushrooms
Cooked egg noddles or mashed potatoes
Combine gravy, soup, Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Garlic Pepper Seasoning in a 3-quart or larger slow cooker. Add beef and mushrooms. Cook on low for 5 hours. Serve over cooked egg noodles or mashed potatoes.



full recipe:  Garlic Pepper Beef Tips

our next groceries:
2 lbs. ground meatloaf mixture (beef and pork)
½ lb. bacon, chopped
1½ cups shredded Cheddar cheese
½ cup panko bread crumbs
1 large egg, beaten
1 Tbsp. Onion Onion™ Seasoning (order at http://www.SimplyKimberS.com)
1 packet Hickory-Smoked Bacon Sauce Mix (order at http://www.SimplyKimberS.com)
½ cup ketchup


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