Day 4 of 28 EveryDay Delicious Meal Solutions…Honey Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry

Pork and pineapple go so well together. Your family will enjoy this stir-fry recipe…I found pork stew meat and used that…yum! I added 1 T Garlic Garlic (order at to the olive oil to stir fry the pork…I added the pineapple juice to the pork and simmered for 10 mins to reduce a little before I added the veggies

Honey Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry
1½ lbs. pork tenderloin, cut in half lengthwise and thinly sliced
14 oz. pkg. frozen stir-fry vegetables
½ cup Honey Teriyaki Sauce (order at
8 oz. can pineapple tidbits, drained

In a large skillet, saute pork slices over medium-high heat about 4-6 minutes or until no longer pink. Stir in frozen vegetables and Honey Teriyaki Sauce. Cover, simmer 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally until vegetables are crisp-tender. Stir in pineapple just before serving. Makes 6 servings.

Tip: To thicken up the mixture if needed, combine 2 tsp. corn starch with some of the reserved pineapple juice to form a sauce, stir into dish.

Suggested sides: white rice or angel hair pasta



Grocery list for our next recipe…

1 packet Asiago Alfredo Warm Dip Mix (order at
8 oz. softened cream cheese
6 slices bacon
12 oz. frozen cooked shrimp, thawed and roughly chopped
3.8 oz. pkg. refrigerated pizza dough
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
3 green onions, thinly sliced


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